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Continuously focused on new business

A Sales Development Team you can rely on. A team brimming with sales experience, constantly focused on calling your leads. A team that knows exactly how to connect with a potential customer and quickly determine whether a lead is truly interesting or not. How does that sound to you?

Many companies choose to outsource (part of) their Sales Development Team. The reason? Acquisition is a specialty in itself. Generating new business takes time, discipline, and perseverance. When you outsource cold calling and lead follow-up, you ensure that it’s done continuously and well.

Focus on the perfect lead

Lead Masters are sales professionals born for this job. They excel in cold calling, and telephone acquisition energizes them. Proactivity and structure in lead follow-up are in their DNA. They are a certain type of person: unprejudiced, authentic, goal-oriented, and easy-going. With a winner's mentality deep in their genes.

Their focus is on the perfect lead. By asking critical questions, listening well, and identifying customer needs, they quickly get to the heart of the matter. Without being pushy, but by connecting in a natural way. They seamlessly sense where revenue opportunities lie and schedule only qualified leads for a physical sales meeting.


Start new customer relationships with

companies you want to do business with.

Develop your leads (downloads, requests,         registrations...) into warm sales opportunities.

sales and cold acquisition

Why it works

Our people make the difference. Even though we are an external SDR team, we are part of your company. We work in existing systems, participate in weekly sales meetings, and discuss valuable feedback from customer conversations. Continuity, structure, efficiency is what we bring. Your call lists are our 'go'.

Collaborating with The LeadMasters is a long-term investment. By having the right people in the right place, you build a future-proof sales team. Where everyone does what they are good at and everyone pursues the same goal: more revenue and more customers!

Setting up or expanding an SDR team

Do you aspire to set up or expand the Sales Development Team within your company? Then start with The Lead Masters. This way, you always make a good start with a well-set-up sales process. Once you find a suitable acquirer, we teach them the tricks of the trade. And we keep pushing for results. Because let's face it: do you have the time and energy to keep the well-oiled sales machine running?