Consistent lead follow-up

Generating more business from your leads

We provide your qualified sales leads
Your salespeople focus on closing deals

Lead follow-up or sales?

Are you also eager for good salespeople? With an overwhelmed sales team, new incoming leads are often the first to be neglected. They are not followed up properly, causing you to miss out on opportunities for new customers and revenue. While you also need new sales opportunities after today, which your salespeople can work on. Let us therefore open doors with potential customers. And let your salespeople do what they are good at: selling!

The LeadMasters function as an extension of your current sales team. We call quality cold leads, warm leads, and prospects on behalf of your company. The person on the other end does not know that they are dealing with The Lead Masters, only you and your sales team know that. Outsourcing lead follow-up is really not something you should be ashamed of as an employer. Sometimes it's just that the current team is too busy to perform lead follow-up. A little help from an external party is always welcome if you ask us.


We commit 100% to acquisition and consistent lead follow-up. You get more business from your leads because we know exactly how to build a sales conversation, which conversation techniques we can use, and how to connect with your potential customer. We work goal- and result-oriented, without slick sales pitches or being pushy. Contact us now!


By actively engaging in lead follow-up, you enrich your database of potential customers. If a lead does not want to proceed at this moment, it can be a sales opportunity for the future. Thus, in your CRM system, your file of new relationships grows, giving you insight into the specific situation of the relationship, their decision-making unit (DMU), and the correct contact details. The ideal starting point for your marketing actions and future sales activities!

At the LeadMasters, we work CRM system independently. We are familiar with various systems and thus most likely also with yours. We work from your CRM system. If we think it is not well set up, our first step before starting lead follow-up is to properly set up the CRM system and inform the sales team. It often happens that colleagues are not aware of the structure everyone uses. When you want your sales team to be on the same level with each other, a properly filled CRM system is the basis.


We do the preliminary process, namely calling back leads that come in through various channels, or lead follow-up. You then close the deal. While we take care of the lead follow-up, your employees can continue to focus on what they are good at. A win-win situation. Looking for more? We also offer cold calling. In this, we look at which potential customers have visited your website and then, on behalf of your company, approach them for the first time.


The team of The LeadMasters consists of real sales professionals, with a varied mix of ages and experiences. We make sales appointments for the most diverse business products and services. From simple services to complex solutions with a long lead time. Our adrenaline flows when we can turn a cold lead into an enthusiastic prospect.

Do you want to outsource your lead follow-up and lead generation? Then you are at the right address with The LeadMasters. We provide more qualified sales leads so your salespeople can better focus on closing deals. Don't forget that consistent lead follow-up requires a lot of time and attention from your salespeople. Would you rather have them spend their time closing deals and with your current customers? Then consider a introductory meeting with us and who knows, we might help you achieve your goals at the end of each month.