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Effective lead follow-up requires time and attention. Neglecting this aspect can lead to missed revenue opportunities. As a sales professional, you understand this better than anyone. However, your sales team often finds themselves caught up in the daily grind. When things get busy, cold outreach tends to be the first thing to fall by the wayside. Even marketing leads, which you've acquired at great expense and effort, sit untouched in your inbox. Simply put, your team lacks the capacity to consistently convert leads into sales opportunities. The painful consequence is that you're leaving revenue untapped.

about the LeadMasters

The LeadMasters has one sole purpose: bringing in more business for your company. With a dedicated team, we handle lead follow-up and telephone acquisition. This allows your sales team to focus on qualified sales opportunities and securing new contracts. The Leadmasters was founded by Saskia Dors, who has been active in sales, account management, and lead follow-up for over 30 years.

why the LeadMasters?

expand your customer base

an extension of your sales team

consistent lead follow-up

nurture valuable customer relationships

Think of The LeadMasters as an extension of your sales team – a highly motivated inside sales force you can deploy as needed. With our diverse team of experienced and fresh young sellers, you bring true sales specialists on board. Our team members are always well-educated and engage in conversations with genuine interest, enthusiasm, and composure. They are strong personalities who interact with customers in an intuitive, unique style. When your customers feel heard and seen, it creates a genuine connection and a greater potential for valuable customer relationships.


For years, we've been assisting companies in following up on leads, which includes handling inquiries from potential customers. This includes tasks like following up on brochure downloads, webinar registrations, or whitepaper requests. We also provide telephone acquisition services for businesses, commonly referred to as 'cold calling.' In this process, we reach out to a list of companies with whom you'd like to establish a business relationship.

quickly adapt

We enable you to respond promptly, addressing changing situations, new opportunities, or adjusting to the preferences of new sales leads. This allows your sales team to focus on what they do best: converting qualified sales leads into contracts and generating additional revenue!

long-term results

We prefer to build long-term relationships with our clients. We are flexible, personal, and offer collaborative thinking. We view success as something achieved together. We invest in the relationship, getting to know the unique strengths of your company so that we can effectively convey them to your potential customers.

thinking about outsourcing your acquisition?

Outsource your telephone acquisition to The Leadmasters.  Even in today's digital age, telephone acquisition continues to produce the best results. By engaging with potential customers over the phone, we build relationships that lead to sales appointments with your account managers. We're here to assist you – contact us now!