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Cold acquisition is still an effective method of lead generation, especially in the business market. However, own employees are often reluctant to pick up the phone for cold calling, also known as telemarketing or cold calling. Larger call centers or 'calling agencies' often come across as impersonal or fail to strike the right chord with the customer. At the Leadmasters, we do things differently. We immerse ourselves in your business and call on behalf of your company. This way, the potential customer on the other end of the phone doesn't know that you have engaged an external sales team, but you can still close the deal you had long hoped for.


The Leadmasters is a team of sales specialists that performs cold calling for you. See us as an extension of your sales team. We make the first contact with companies you want to do business with. During the conversations, we ask in-depth questions about the needs of the lead, not in a pushy way, but in an interested manner. Our salespeople build sales conversations, listen well, and know exactly how to structure a sales talk. We handle the preliminary process, after which you close the deal. Through good cooperation, you know exactly which lead has become a prospect and who has moved from the cold list to the warm list. When a customer is ready to close a deal, we notify you immediately so you can finish the job.
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Sometimes a physical appointment is realized within one sales conversation; more complex issues usually require more contact moments. We warm up the contact until the lead is qualified for sales. We keep track of everything in your CRM system, so you know exactly what the situation is.

The great advantage of an external sales team is that your sales team can keep all focus on existing prospects and customers. You can fairly divide your attention over your current customers, so they don't miss out. By outsourcing your cold calling to the Lead Followers, your current customers are never left out in the cold.

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