• Location: Almelo, Netherlands
  • Branche: Healthcare

Activities leadmasters

  • "Following up with new, existing, and potential customers
  • Building and maintaining (new) relationships
  • Scheduling sales appointments"

"That stress about acquisition is completely gone now."

"As an entrepreneur, you're busy all day. You often live in the daily grind and don't always get to the things you actually need to do, like acquisition. Christian: "Every week, it was on my schedule, but when it was Friday, I still hadn't done it. I kept pushing off calling new clients. Maybe because I simply didn't enjoy the work...

When I saw Saskia Dors' posts on LinkedIn, I recognized myself in them. With her company Salesinvest, she helps entrepreneurs who need to optimize their sales process so that there's room for acquisition. That's exactly what I needed because I wanted more clients, but I couldn't find the time to make those calls. In a few sessions with our team, Saskia ensured that we gained focus. With her involvement, she immediately noticed that there was a lot of overlap in tasks within our company. These were promptly revised and redistributed. She held up a mirror to us and ensured that our sales organization was better streamlined. I have a background in automation and worked on aligning our CRM system with our new workflow. These changes provided better control over acquisition. We can now handle twice as many clients as before!

With the focus on acquisition, I still had the question of how to continuously attract new clients to our company. To reach our target audience, healthcare institutions, you need patience. It can sometimes take up to a year for a new client to commit to you because decisions go through so many layers, and the competition is fierce. Saskia, who by this point spoke the language of our company, suggested outsourcing this process to her colleagues at De Leadopvolgers. They now make calls on behalf of our company to potential clients for about 4 hours a week. It's amazing to see how successful they are with their personal approach, drive, and engaging conversations. They genuinely build a relationship with our potential clients and know exactly how to interest them in a partnership with ZBBN. The best part is that they schedule sales appointments for me, so I can really dive deep. These are already warm leads, so I now enjoy doing acquisition again!"


ZBBN (Zorgbemiddelingsbureau Nederland) connects freelance healthcare professionals with healthcare institutions in a flexible and accessible manner. We are not an anonymous digital platform but believe in human contact with both the freelance professionals and the clients. This way, we can genuinely provide solutions and meet their needs because we are highly engaged with all parties throughout the entire process. In our own approachable and unique way, we support freelance professionals and healthcare teams where necessary, and we serve as a central point of contact for them.