• Location: Hengelo, Netherlands 

Activities LeadMasters

  • Quilifying and folowing up on website leads
  • Scheduling apportments for the management team

Measurement is Knowledge!

"Not long ago, I mentioned that Gerard Haagsma and I run our company without any employees, but we collaborate with various experts.

One of those experts is The LeadMasters under the capable leadership of Saskia Dors. What Saskia truly understands is that many companies lack the time or the right personnel to effectively follow up on the leads they receive. This was no different for us. A significant portion of our marketing budget is allocated to acquiring leads through avenues like Google, TV broadcasts, social media, and trade shows. However, there was still much room for improvement in the follow-up process. In addition to having an excellent email system in place, we also entered into a partnership with LeadMasters. Saskia convinced us that making phone calls to our leads would indeed result in sales.

And nothing could be further from the truth. For many people, a personal approach is more appealing than receiving just a series of emails with detailed information. It's the combination of written information and personal contact that makes it easier for people to take the next step. This might mean scheduling a video call with Gerard, requesting more or different information, and in some cases, it even leads people to choose a site visit to one of our projects.

In summary, what Saskia has known for a long time, we now know as well. Personalizing the approach provides more information about someone's investment goals, their stage in the purchasing process, their specific preferences, and any questions they may have. By qualifying our leads in this manner, we can also make adjustments to our marketing activities if needed. Measurement is knowledge.

To discuss the results, we meet every two months. The last time, it was an exception, and we met at our home. After a productive meeting and a meal, we challenged each other to a game of petanque."