• Branche: E-commerce & online marketing
  • Location: Arnhem, Netherlands

Activities LeadMasters

  • Cold calling as part of marketing campaigns
  • Lead follow-up
  • Setting up and populating CRM systems
  • Generating sales appointments

"Synergy between marketing and sales produces impressive results!"

"As a digital agency, we excel in lead generation for our business. However, recently, we lacked focus on the sales aspect. Remco mentioned, 'Especially in the stage where you need to warm up potential clients. You need to invest a lot of attention and time there. If we tried reaching a lead and received no response, we simply abandoned it. We had a good CRM system at our disposal, but it wasn't being effectively utilized. It was a shame because it meant we were leaving potential revenue on the table. We lacked the structure and persistence to make lead follow-up successful. After all, we preferred to concentrate on other matters.

When we approached The Leadmasters, our eyes were opened. Saskia Dors, who passionately talked about the sales profession, inspired me with the way she and her team could take over part of our acquisition efforts. Their structured, data-driven, and results-oriented approach is exactly what we needed. The way they approach potential clients aligns perfectly with our company's vision – not pushy but genuinely interested. They identify opportunities, don't give up, and maintain a friendly demeanor. They build relationships through acquisition, leading to well-qualified sales appointments at our office.

Now that we collaborate with The Leadmasters, a beautiful synergy between marketing and sales has emerged. I truly feel that they are an extension of our company, even though they make calls from their own location. They provide feedback on call reports, and if they have a positive feeling about a lead on the phone, we receive immediate instructions: 'You need to call them now for detailed information.' This is highly motivating!

The enthusiasm of The LeadMasters adds genuine value. By having them call for our company (and sometimes our clients) one day a week, we have become much more successful in sales. This allows us to focus on generating even more leads, which is our strong suit. It's a win-win situation that I am very satisfied with!"


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