klant leadopvolging


  • Location: Houten, Netherlands
  • Branche: B2B Procurement

Activities LeadMasters

  • Mapping the Sales Process
  • Setting Up the Sales Process
  • Configuring CRM Systems
  • Training Employees

"Thanks to SalesInvest and The Leadmasters, our startup can grow faster."

"Peter Smit, Partner at Kloepfel Benelux: "Within our team, there was little experience in sales when we started a subsidiary of the Kloepfel Group. That's why I approached SalesInvest with a request for sales training. It immediately became clear that a solid sales process, the foundation for any sales team, was lacking within our startup. We had a CRM system, but we barely used it. There was no structure in our sales process, which meant we had no insight into potential new clients. However, we also realized that our network was not inexhaustible.

Together with Saskia Dors, we delved into the process. How many leads do we need to achieve our revenue targets? Who are our A-prospects, the most interesting ones, and who are our B-prospects? What are the KPIs we want to focus on? This opened up a whole new world for us. Saskia taught us how to optimize our CRM system, create good reports, and steer our business based on data. Our parent company in Germany saw this as a significant advantage, which allowed us to receive more support over the phone. Our young and enthusiastic employees greatly appreciated this!

Once the sales process was streamlined and we had all the knowledge to grow rapidly, we lacked the time to follow up on leads. That's why we joined forces with The Leadmasters for lead follow-up. The agreement was as follows: we provide a call list, with 0% (the warm leads) approached by us and 50% (the cold leads) by The Leadopvolgers. The extra power from The Leadopvolgers greatly benefited our company. This synergy is exactly what we needed.

The fact that SalesInvest and The LeadMasters complement each other is very pleasant for us. The approach is accessible, structured, with a sense of humor, and well thought out. Saskia Dors truly has an entrepreneurial spirit and thinks along with what your company needs. First, set up the sales process, then engage in telephone acquisition. Together for the best results; that is where our focus lies now!"


Kloepfel Consulting Benelux is a procurement advisory company specialized in procurement optimization and implementing cost reductions for manufacturing companies. Our mission? Sustainably increase the profitability of our clients. We are a subsidiary of the Kloepfel Group.