acquisition customer


  • Branche:B2B
  • Location: Gronau, Germany

Activities LeadMasters

  • Cold acquisition
  • Lead follow-up
  • Inbound sales
  • Weekly alignment with Commercial Inside Sales Manager

"Flexibility and professionalism are the primary benefits of an external SDR team!"

"A manufacturing company like Hoook is perfectly suited to outsource almost all departments. This also led to the need for an external SDR team. Stefan Krake, Sales & Marketing Director, states, 'Since the start of our company in 2019, we noticed it was challenging to find good personnel, especially for acquisition. Enthusiastic, motivated people are scarce in this field. After discussions with several call centers, I came across The Leadmasters. The connection was instant. Saskia Dors understood what we were looking for, and her team aligned perfectly with that. Since June 1, 2023, they have been supporting our company with cold acquisition and lead follow-up. We provide the call lists, and they maintain telephone contact with our potential customers.'

Specific Target Audience

'From our strategy, there was a need to approach three specific target groups: the market segments of medical, stand construction, and sailmaking. As a producer of hook and loop fasteners, we saw potential here. In no time, a team from The Lead Followers was up and running for the Dutch market. In addition to interesting cold leads in our products, after a few months, we scaled up to inbound sales, email contact with leads, sending product samples, and creating quotes. The difference compared to a large call center is that with a small team, you can switch quickly. That flexibility works perfectly!

Professional Approach

'The collaboration with The Leadmasters quickly led to results. We see a clear increase in inquiries and orders and are very satisfied with the conversion. Not only is the professional manner in which this team handles acquisition and lead follow-up impressive, but also the enthusiasm and drive with which they do it is remarkable. The collaboration runs smoothly, as does the internal communication. There is weekly contact with our Commercial Inside Sales Manager, and when a technical question arises, they immediately liaise with us and provide feedback for more information. This is a significant advantage compared to working with a large call center. The involvement of The Leadmasters is reassuring; they familiarize themselves well with our products and know exactly when to bring a question to us.'

Expansion to France and Spain

'Because our customers are located throughout Europe, as of February 1, 2024, we are expanding The Leadmasters team with a Spanish-speaking and French-speaking acquirer. They work from The Leadmasters office in Alicante and call our potential customers in Spain and France. It is ideal to be able to serve the European market with one team. Searching for good, enthusiastic acquirers who also fluently speak a foreign language ourselves is like searching for a needle in a haystack. If this works well, the intention is to further expand this collaboration with The Lead Followers across Europe!'"


"Hoook supplies various types of hook and loop fasteners worldwide to diverse markets, including the aviation and medical industries, construction, and interior design. Utilizing state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines, we ensure high quality, speed, and customization. While Hoook is a new name in the industrial hook and loop market, we boast over 100 years of experience."